» they said about me

I’ve been a faithful guest at Bea’s salon for 15 years. She always selects the best available creams and formulas, from several price ranges. She has also identified dermatology problems several times in our family. She works with excellent dermatologists – she worked magic with our teenager children.
Our great joy is Bea’s dedication to her work, which has led her constantly toward new technologies, formulas and new studies – bachelors and masters degrees and several awards prove this. An hour at her salon can give more than just refreshment and rejuvenation for the skin: I feel completely re-energized and relaxed. Bea always provides the same standards with her expert knowledge and personal attention, in a calm, harmonic atmosphere.


To be honest, Bea became my cosmetician by chance. After I’ve relocated to the city, I’ve searched for a cosmetician around my working place and at that time, Bea worked in the area. I’m glad faith brought us together, she is a real professional. Immediately after our first couple sessions, Bea worked magic on my problematic skin, and after six years, she managed to make my skin beautiful. Bea knows everything about various complex techniques, such as Microdermabrasion, cleansing and needle-less mesotherapy. By the way, I’ve also learned how to use makeup from her. In the past six years, I’ve changed my working place, but not my cosmetician!


As a student, I’ve had to realize, finding a professional, yet not overpriced cosmetician in the city will be a huge challenge. I’ve tried several salon’s, non of which proved to be good enough. At last, I’ve found Bea, who I trust 1000 %, and despite my entry level salary, she knows how to take care of my face. My skin becomes flawless and radiant, and I feel relaxed and rejuvenated every time at her salon.


I believe the entire park would agree, that we all love to work with Bea, who’s not only an expert cosmetician, but a very dependable, precise person. Bea is very flexible, she serves, in a friendly manner, all needs of young girls and grown-ups alike. We usually ask for her children-friendly facial paints and temporary tattoos, but she is also a very talented henna painter. She is very busy at events, she rarely stops working. I would strongly recommend her!


The best creams are important, but I think the health of skin depends equally on the skills of a trustworthy cosmetician and a calm salon atmosphere. Bea also provides special care, relaxing massages and discrete attention.