» KAVICZKY, A Hungarian Product Line

Hungary is unique with hundreds of thermal waters and lakes which beneficial effects have been known for thousands of years and have been used by the different cultures living here. Drilling for carbohydrates started in the 1910’s led to the discovery of thermal waters of medicinal properties in 600 locations, thus Hungary became the richest country in the world concerning geothermal energy.
Hippocrates in the 6th century B.C. stated that illness is the result of the disruption of the harmony between man and his environment. Experts producing the KAVICZKY product line keep this concept in mind when utilising the special ingredients from the Hévíz Thermal Lake in skin care.

» The Hévíz Thermal Lake

The Hévíz Thermal Lake is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake.
The formation of the lake goes back to the late Triassic period, about 200 million years ago, and it originates from the crystal clear seawater of the Pannonian Sea.

» The Water

The thousands of years old turf bottomed thermal lake is fed by cold and warm karst waters that are being mixed and rich in minerals found in the 38 meter deep source cave.
The water in the lake is being replaced every three days. The lake contains valuable minerals and trace elements such as Li, K, Si, Ra, S, and Zu, Cn, Ca és Mg, and also NaCO3.

» The mud

Turf used for medical treatment in Hévíz is the famous medicinal mud. The bottom of the lake is covered by 1 to 3 meter turf of phytogenic and mineral origin. This feature makes the lake unique as the lake bed is covered with turf instead of volcanic ground. Humic acid evolves in the saddle of mud where two water layers of different temperature meet. Humic acid is produced by biodegradation of dead vegetal organic matter. It is a long-chain high molecular organic matter with many valuable features to make use of in beauty care. It is able to increase membrane potential and make it vital. It is perfect for detoxifying the skin by binding to heavy metals, rejuvenating skin and softening fine wrinkles. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

» The Lake’s Wildlife

Wildlife is unique due to unique surroundings. Red water lily planted in the lake is a truly beautiful sight, so as the blue flower lily, a well-known plant of Hévíz.
A lot of micromonospora (Micromonospora heviziensis) live here acting as protease to develop medicinal mud, a new area in science to explore. Some species living in the surrounding of Hévíz are unique in the world. Hévíz’s nomination on the World Heritage expecting list has deserved to be taken into consideration for the World Heritage List due to its unique medicinal factors, flora and fauna.

Héviz mud and thermal water is essential in the Kaviczky product range. KAVICZKY’s idea is to apply the curative effects of the Hévíz Thermal Lake in the field of skin care. A special combination of agents to be found in each KAVICZKY product represents the uniqueness of the product line. It is called the Pannon Formula PFTM, consisting of Hévíz mud and thermal water of Hévíz, natural grain extracts and purified essential oils.

» Beauty Treatment

In KAVICZKY beauty care skin is considered as a holistic unity. Personalized beauty care starts from the assessment of the skin. Skin is a continuously changing living texture, and its actual condition should always be the focus when the treatment starts. The guest should feel that the skin care not only assists the natural regeneration and rejuvenation process of her skin, but in the meantime the guest herself arrives at a harmonious state as well. The aim is the effective and smooth treatment, which rejuvenates and refreshes both the body and the soul. Beauticians after completing the KAVICZKY course can decide which products to apply at certain stages of the treatment based on the skin condition.

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