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I am silver grade master cosmetologist Bea Kovács, an expert for WorldSkills World Cup, trainer in cosmetology, and a devotee of beauty and harmony for over 20 years.
Doing my work, I seek to provide the most efficient treatment for you skin, while also doing my best to ensure your full relaxation and calm during the treatments. I believe that spiritual equilibrium, inner peace and harmony greatly contribute to the quality of our physical being. I am convinced that the creams with high active ingredient contents, along with the power of caring hands, are capable of smoothing wrinkles and filling up the skin.

My work becomes meaningful if I can take part in preserving the beauty that radiates from you. During the time you spend in my salon, my intention is to help you relax and focus your attention to yourself, or just cease to exist for the world outside and then be reborn like a phoenix to carry on with your journey.


» Japanese cosmo lifting

Many of the ‘anti-aging’ options available on the market are invasive such as facelifts, Botox, collagen and other fillers. These can have detrimental results from a ‘bad facelift’ to the toxins from injected chemicals leaking to other parts of the body. Creams and lotions can have little or no effect.
Developed by the internationally renowned Reflexologist Lone Sorensen through her 25 year development of facial reflexology and face-lifting techniques, she has found no other natural technique offers such a long lasting quality face lift than Japanese Cosmo Lifting.

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» Kaviczky treatment

Hungary is unique with hundreds of thermal waters and lakes which beneficial effects have been known for thousands of years and have been used by the different cultures living here. Drilling for carbohydrates started in the 1910’s led to the discovery of thermal waters of medicinal properties in 600 locations, thus Hungary became the richest country in the world concerning geothermal energy.
Hippocrates in the 6th century B.C. stated that illness is the result of the disruption of the harmony between man and his environment. Experts producing the KAVICZKY product line keep this concept in mind when utilising the special ingredients from the Hévíz Thermal Lake in skin care.

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» HYAMATRIX® – innovation in hyaluron acid treatments

Large number of Hyaluron acid treatments and creams can be found nowadays in the cosmetic market. Despite this, many new guests of the existence of the concept of hyaluronic acid, the skin of significance.
Why is the beautiful, young skin we need to preserve this material? What can be more of a cosmetic treatment HYAMATRIX® hyaluron acid treatments currently on the market?

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